Sunday, June 25, 2023

Celebrating With Pride

Shooed the bug away, realizing too late

It's a ladybug, real life is exhausting 

White pickup truck, moving slow revved powerfully, 

Trying to create strife is exhausting

Joy from youthful bubble chasers challenging

The rainbow globes half-life is exhausting 

Black pickup follows the white, slowly, other direction

Still looking for wildlife is exhausting 

Many chats, introducing folks, connecting the dots 

All good work, improving our whole life is exhausting 

Painting Venus, in shaded tent, renders the gazebo

Prideful colored as still life is exhausting

Ladybug returns, must be telling you something Sherlock 

You know reporting on goodlife is exhausting

Reflections on the pride celebration in Franklin, captured while on the Town Common, editing completed later that day, 06/25/23

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