Sunday, June 09, 2024

Cross points


Let me tell you a story. It began simply enough. How do I convey my idea to you? Sign language began to get the point across

We were busy, we still needed to share our story. From a distance, I couldn't see your hand sign but the smoke signal got your point across

So busy, the story was pressing, we didn't want to carry wood to the desert, so we developed a flag and semaphore system to get our point across

We stumbled about our busyness, and in stumbling we fell and discovered sound, “ouch” was a breakthrough to get our point across

Sounds became easier to spread across a distance, we found the echo, and then drum beats to help get our point across

Devices were crafted, and refined, to help carry the sound or the drum beats for greater distances to get our point across


In the telling of our story, through all the developments, time was spent on coding, and decoding, the message to get the point across

What did this hand signal mean? “I don't think it means what you think it does” was a problem to be resolved to get our point across

Coordinating the meaning of this, or that, makes a difference. It takes time to do, and for those who spend the time; they get their point across

The more time coordinating, and preparing, the more it becomes easier to craft the message, and be successful, in getting the point across 

Gather, discuss, decide, produce, rinse and repeat, these are the all important steps to keep the energy focused on the flywheel to get the point across

The energy can become distracted, attention can shift, from focal point to focal point, instead of trusting the process to get the point across

So Sherlock, what comes next? Consider the sun will rise tomorrow. Keep the flywheel spinning so folks can get the next point across.

I struggled to complete this but a friend sent me a text that gave me the spark to do so. Thank you!