Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Are we caught up in a summer shower
Or is the small whitewater of Penn’s Creek
Creating this sense of mindfulness

Over the years, Penn’s creek will jump its bank
Storms will harvest trees, yet we think
Of Weikert with one sense of mindfulness

The fisherman casts his line hoping for
Trout to find the hook, making
His day a complete sense of mindfulness

At night fireflies find the tree tops
Over the bridge the view of fireflies
Blends with the stars a scene of mindfulness

Visit to the shale pit, fill the potholes
Those who travel the road the most
Don’t do this work of mindfulness

He stood before the remains of the laurel
And freed the three trapped bears with a chainsaw
The act was truly one of mindfulness

composed in Weikert, July 2013