Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Starting over


Awakened by his performing a great cover of “Starting over
I've heard the song before, but not in this way, I'm starting over

Settling in, back from our trip to the “pearl of Africa”, with only 
One house to reside in/worry about now that we're starting over

Twenty-eight year residence in the past, paperwork filings
Confirmed the closing, discharges, and details of starting over

Finished reading “The Ocean at the End of the Lane
And realized it is all about memories, water, and starting over

As we search for good things in our past to share, 
Isn't that what we end up doing? Starting over

Recollection of a specific instance, you "fill in the blank",
It changes us, recognized or not, and we're starting over


Water is critical to life, we can't go many days without it
Thirst quenched, rehydrated, our body is starting over

Water can flow in a stream, river, and progressively
Larger bodies of water, each time it seems to be starting over

Can you stop the stream? Try, and you'll get left behind. 
Catch up, and you are really in a new place, starting over

Your body sweats expending effort in the catching up
Sweat may drench your clothes, weighing down starting over

Cold water, kept in a jug in the fridge is refreshing 
Hot or cold, water is life, enabling starting over

Don't live in the past, there is a happy place to be
When the sun rises tomorrow, and your life is starting over

Sherlock: remember the jar of Maraschino cherries next to the water jug
They remind us to celebrate the small moments starting over

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