Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Treasure the moment


It’s Thanksgiving weekend and 40 years have passed since you left us

Yet you continue watching over us, reminding us to treasure the moment

Here today, this residence is empty, ready for some other family to enjoy

Daily life, and their celebrations, creating new memories to treasure the moment

There are folding chairs to add to the circle in the living room of the new house

Where conversation ebbs and flows, and games are played to treasure the moment

Someone remarks of a time when … and we all go there, transported instantly …

The thread meanders as the sparks fly triggering other treasures of the moment

The baby is passed around, everyone gets their turn, gooing and ahing

Baby talk is a universal language, in that time before words, to treasure the moment

The family tree continues to grow, some branches end, others expand

A family collaboration brings forth an updated document to help treasure the moment 


Twenty eight years later, this residence is empty for Thanksgiving, all action takes place in the new dwelling, enabling the new residence to treasure the moments

Sitting on the stairs, recarpeted while we were here, the sounds of the house 

are different, there are echos now to treasure the moment

A singular brown oak leaf remains plastered to the sky view window in the 

new residence, visible as I roll back the shade, bending to stretch, and treasure the moment

Houses couldn't exist without doors to enter, or leave, windows to let in light, 

and air, and then there's the sound pattern to treasure the moment

These windows and storms are less sound proof than what we had, 

the folks around us seem so much closer, they are perhaps eager to treasure the moment 

Boxes, multiple sizes, were full and heavy, now emptied, flattened, and recycled 

leaving behind the contents, here and there, in a new spot to treasure the moment

Hold on Sherlock, did you feel that cloud of uncertainty dissipate? The shift was slight but noticeable. My T-shirts supply has been shelved so I can now treasure the moment 

Friday, December 15, 2023

Call for Water


When thirsty, your body signals a call for water

A turn of the faucet, or a flush of the toilet, starts a call for water

The signal may require a long walk, to the well, or stream,

To return with a full yellow container to answer the call for water

The faucet at the sink will start the flow through the pipes

in the house, the street, pump, or water tower to answer the call for water

When the hot water faucet is turned, the water flows under pressure,

with a diversion through heating coils, to answer the call for water

When the toilet is flushed, the water flows carrying the refuse liquid

and, or solid, before refilling the device in the call for water

The refuse, liquid and solid, moves through gravity flow pipes

to get processed before returning to the stream to answer the call for water


Science tells us human males are about 60% water, females about 55%,

which shows why we need to respond to the call for water

The earth's surface is about 70% water but 97% of that is salt water

requiring treatment before answering the call for water

We have to take care of the 3% fresh water, use it as needed,

conserve it to help with the call for water

Science can help determine a good economic process

for conversion of salt water to better answer the call for water

We need to foster those scientific efforts, and trust the science,

as it evolves to provide a solution to the call for water

There are those among us near and far, who need shorter walks,

or better access, to answer the call for water

So Sherlock, are you all wet yet? Or will you help Frank,

and Lynn when they initiate their call for water?