Monday, January 17, 2022

sherku: turning

Sunflower like
Turning towards
Light always
Away from dark

sherku: wings

Hunger drives
Life cycle
Opens to fly 

sherku: guardian

Who's around
To give you a
Pat on the back
For doing what
Needs to be done

sherku: pebbles

Stone in my shoe
Stops movement
until removed
And tossed away
To resume stride

Saturday, January 15, 2022

sherku: syllable quintet

Vocal beats
Compose the phrase
Build to the
Sentence and
More to the
Full story

Paint spots not



Threads woven


For all time



And wonder

An attempt

To bring you

Along the ride

Breathe rhythm 

Of heart beats

I just wanted

You to know

That this is

Me trying

You show me

Many colors 

In the tapestry

I can't see 

with anyone else

Inspired by conversation at the writer's group about syllables and sherku; at the same time informed by video of Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift albums on Disney. A fun way to spend a cold day!

Friday, January 07, 2022

sherku: more practice

Ten inches
No problem
Snow thrower
Won't start up
No problem
Shovels ready

Ready for part two with shovels
Ready for part two with shovels; after all was done, I did get the snow thrower working for next time 

Monday, January 03, 2022

sherku: blizzard '78

Across the
Wide freeway the
Pyramid rose
As white as
The snow we sledded

Sunday, January 02, 2022

sherku: birthmark duo

Came back again
More cruel 
Not creation
A revelation 

Turning back
Another long cloak
Shrouding the truth
Of what he
Already was

"he came back again and again to the notion that his inflictions of pain, which grew more cruel and calculated with every passing year, were not creations but revelations, each turning back another cloak shrouding the truth of what he already was. “A birthmark,” he wrote to me. "

Saturday, January 01, 2022

sherku: naive

Once upon a time
Was something 
We all thought we
Could hold onto

sherku: starting now

Do look up
Do look down
Do look around
Center self
Take a breath
Go forward

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

sherku: dumpster

Your wish will come true

When it gets warm

We’ll do the deed

And toss what

We don’t need

My poetic promise for a dumpster to be delivered when it is warmer, poetically delivered for Christmas (and posted here after) so as not to spoil the surprise

Monday, December 27, 2021

Birthmas sestina

 Birthmas sestina - December 2021

Allison’s `birthmas` wish list called for a Satellite

Phone so she could go camping in the Wild.

Her mother would sleep better with such a Connection

Always possible. How often does Allison Explore?

Usually a week or two a year with her current Work

Schedule so buying a unit didn't seem too Practical. 

Moneywise it would seem more Practical

To choose from among the rental Satellite

Units. If her job requirements changed, Work

Might allow for more time in the Wild,

Or on the other hand, even less time to Explore

So the demand could vary for this type of Connection.

If the demand was for more Connection

Time, then the cost/benefit might make it more Practical

To review the purchase options and Explore

The real system services that such a Satellite

Phone would provide while out in the Wild

Or around, whether for play, or for Work.

With college admissions her current calling for Work,

The summertime is the ‘offseason’, so maintaining a Connection

When camping in the woods, or deep off the road, and in the Wild

Doesn't seem to be a major work factor. Some other Practical

Work calling could change the need for such a Satellite

Phone but we’ll cross that bridge or Explore

The options presented when the need to Explore

Is raised to a current requirement; that is, If her Work

Actually changes. In the meantime, a Satellite

Phone will remain elusive until the Connection

To a scheduled trip to the outdoors makes it Practical

And a periodic rental will be enabled to tame the Wild.

Let’s be clear, her mother’s wishes are not Wild.

Mothers nature is what it is and for Allison to Explore

Can run counter to the Practical

Desire of her mother to care and Work

For her children at all times. So a Connection

Can be helpful albeit expensive if by Satellite.

Hence, in Practical terms, a pending trip to the Wild 

Raising the need for a Satellite phone to carry and Explore

Whether for Work or play, should prompt a parental Connection to execute this gift.


For those interested in what a "sestina" is, I used the following to come up with the format used here:


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

sherku: PFAS


Is so cruel

It's Teflon



May kill us

sherku: irony

The system

Designed to

Protect him

Punished him

For why he

Was protected

sherku: unfair

It's unfair

Why redo

The formula

Leaving so

Many kids 

Out of scope