Monday, March 21, 2022

sherku: best foot

Stop, do you
Ever think about
Which foot you
Put forward
When you start walking?

sherku: pop top

Do you ever
Think about
what finger you
Use when opening
A pop top can?

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

sherku: hearts of kindness

masked or not,
life on the edge
or not, let’s find 
within ourselves
hearts of kindness

created to accompany the "hearts of Kindness" displayed as it returned to the Franklin Town Common this week ->

Photo album can be found online ->

sherku: hearts of kindness
sherku: hearts of kindness

Monday, February 14, 2022

sherku: curtain rod

You can really
Mess it up
Very easily
By screwing
In the wrong place

Friday, February 11, 2022

sherku: choice

Of the white lines 
On the highway
Or stay local
And walk to work 

sherku: butterfly

Will you dance
And return 
To the island 
Of the young
Will you dance 

sherku: dance

I don’t want 
to rest in peace
I want to dance
Dance in joy 
Dance in the graveyard

Really a "foundku" as most of the words are from the song by Irish music group Runa

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

one day, every day

I am afraid, I have no more tears

If Hollywood comes to grips with the age gap

Will the Russian tanks back away from the Ukraine 

Will talcum baby powder be banned globally 

Will the trucker boycott release the Canadian city

I am afraid, I have no more tears

I am afraid, I have no more tears

If Cuban migrants in a sinking vessel can get rescued off the coast of Florida

Will Americans no longer be exposed to toxic BPA at levels far above what EU considers safe

Will Seal candidates no longer die during ‘Hell Week’ training sessions

Will the Texas butterfly sanctuary forced to close after far-right threats reopen

I am afraid, I have no more tears

I am afraid, I have no more tears

If the Olympics are supposed to bring rings of glory

Will the agony of failure and defeat be sold as the price of gold and glory

Will country borders divide us, deny us common humanity

Will the state of emergency bring us to our senses 

I am afraid, I have no more tears

I am afraid, I have no more tears

Whether Canadian, Ukrainian, Cuban, or American 

Found in Texas, Florida, or globally 

Neither trucks nor tanks, nor vessels 

Hold baby powder, or butterflies, or have enough time for a study 

I am afraid, I have no more tears


Composed in response to the series of articles and headlines at The on Feb 6, 2022

Monday, January 31, 2022

sherku: dry triptych

Dry 1

very few remakes
are better than
the original
so which one is art

Dry 2

I went to
the Van Gogh
and did not
even get wet

Dry 3

"I dream of
painting then
I paint my dream"
if only
we all could
do that too

Reflection on my visit to the Van Gogh immersive experience

Sunday, January 30, 2022

sherku: warmth

Soft fibers
Shades of tan
Counted and
Crocheted warm

sherku: rest

storm clean up
shovels, blowers, 
plows, backs bending,
heavy breathing 
earns a good rest

sherku: all in

Finish clearing 
The snow, take
A walk, photos
Along the way
Home for breakfast

sherku: blizzard 5

Use this method
Or that one
Either way
The carrots
Come out just

Another way of saying my wife's method of preparing the soup was not the one I used

Saturday, January 29, 2022

sherku: blizzard 4

Basho's verse
Stops and starts
Snow drift bends
And curls to
A point away
From the wall

Upon completion of Jane Hirshfield's The Heart of Haiku

sherku: blizzard 3

Think of snow
A few flakes
Gently falling 
Not this time
Small powders
Mad dash left