Thursday, July 27, 2023

sherzal: commonwealth


She brought her carriage to the car parked next to me in the Walmart “pick up” row, turning she breaks into sobs, surprising me, waiting for my common good

“There aren’t enough of us in there, there are so many of them…” and more sobs, leaving me meditating, waiting for my common good

“He’ll come back and save us, she says with a gleam” 

 I then realize what she is stating, waiting for my common good

I am sorry to disagree, I don’t believe that will be the case.

If he does come back, there’ll be more hating, waiting for our common good

My package was delivered and loaded, I thanked the young man, closed my vehicle and began relocating, waiting with my common good

She is standing still, lost somewhere. I start my vehicle

But can't move until she does, it's frustrating, waiting for my common good


She starts unloading her carriage, I get out to help

Frustration to action translating, liberating our common good

I helped, lifting her last bag from the cart, placing it next to the others, then reached for the cart indicating, relocating the common good

Bumper sticker aside, there was another way to take her comment  "he'll come back", restating, narrating the common good

The world is in turmoil, disaster screams in all the headlines

We can keep hydrating, deflating for the common good

I do maintain hope that together we can figure this out 

Many of us came here migrating, fixating on the common good

We can put aside the differences the media and social apps

Exaggerate to the nth degree, inflating, debating the common good

We can find within us the source, the love, that conquers all

And go about collating, creating for the common good

sherzal: Connecting the dots


I grew up in Pawtucket but spend my time now

Creating Franklin info to help folk connect the dots

She struggled dealing with her brother's desire for what

he should have, it's no joke connecting the dots

Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot, maybe

You can lift the cloak to connect the dots

His dog groomer just canceled all the appointments, 

The dog needs help going broke to connect the dots

Ticket sales do matter, that's the key to fundraising 

Need to understand the money stroke to connect the dots

Slept on the screened porch when I came home from 

college in the shade of the oak to connect the dots


Catching up to the horrible news out of Scituate

Made me choke as I connect the dots

A homeless, or rough sleeper, played a key role

In the novel where the bloke tried to connect the dots

Amidst dealing with the heat wave, need to deal with 

Canadian forest fire smoke to connect the dots

A new take on a old tale, likely to create conversation

As the changes prod and poke to connect the dots

Endless diet debate continues on the value of the

egg white versus yellow yolk to connect the dots

Emergency sirens would frequent my dreams

Before I woke to connect the dots

Sentence pattern resembles lyrics to a song

The words he spoke helped to connect the dots