Tuesday, June 20, 2023

How much


How much should you pay for something? 

How do you know you are getting the best price?

You can walk into most stores, find an item on the shelf

And line up at the register to pay the regular price

Before entering the store, or during the transaction,

you can sign up to get the insider, or member price

Your email address can give you announcements on weekly 

Items that you are now worthy of a promotional, or sale price

Your purchase history can get you an announcement with items

you could purchase for a manufacturer's price

For some items, they may notify you of a promotion for a specific period

of time for an anniversary, or holiday price


Some stores will promote items if they have been scratched or

dented for a discounted, or red tag sale price

An item at the neighborhood convenience store is likely sold for more

than the same item at the chain grocery store normal price

The chain grocery store sells an item for more than the big box warehouse

store where you need to buy in bulk to obtain the lower unit price

You may walk a red carpet to get to the garage sale, blockbuster sale,

or bargain basement price

The Founder's sale implies generosity but it may not be much

more than the annual, or clearance sale price

What if you make the trek to get there for the early bird special

and find out it is not much different than the weekly price?

So Sherlock, how much should you pay for something? 

How do you know your 2 cent research will get you the best price?

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