Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentine's Day 2023


Writing is a challenge, you need to capture that thought, before 
something else comes along and the idea runs

The Town doesn't own the bridge, the T does, because 
the train to Boston underneath it runs

The natural depression forms a grassy bowl among 
the houses to collect the storm water when it runs

The sprawling red brick mill complex is as important to this 
area as the tangled wooded vines along the stream that runs

The yellow rectangle on the utility pole is meant to guide 
your drive along the safe side of the road that runs

A walk among the streets, and byways of this town, helps put 
my thoughts together to say how long my love for you runs


For breakfast, a once-over-easy egg is my favorite, the 
whites get solid, yet the yolk is allowed to run

Sisters of St Mary taught me in elementary school and in 
high school, Christian Brothers guided me to run 

A minor defect in my foot has me now walking 
many more miles daily than I used to run

You can see the light of the approaching train before 
the whistle blows alerting all that it is making a run

My joy rises as the red-tailed hawk follows the updraft
it too is searching for food to run

In the warmth of today's bright sun, you walk 
my side, while our shadows together run 

For DS

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