Saturday, February 04, 2023

Ghazal: trial balloon

The heat seemed to stop on what was the coldest 
day of the year, or ever, who's counting, 
And how do we figure out this human interface 

The thermostat has only 2 wires, White 1 and Red heat, to
Complete the circuit, yet the battery wasn't charging 
It should have be easy to make sense of the human interface

In the old days, you put logs on the fire and as the logs 
burned down, you added more, later it was coal, or gas, 
or oil, the flickering flame provided the human interface

The Nest has its own mind, located somewhere up in the cloud, 
the workers remote, diligent, but unreachable in this new 
hybrid world with a cryptic human interface 

The simpler device comes back from storage, gets wired,
Time set again, and programed for generating heat while
Suspicious minds work out the human interface 

Turns out the balloon has flown before, a few times, with
many not knowing of it; this time, it came down with a shot
We need to take back the human interface 

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