Monday, September 18, 2023

Confused, and bewildered, or


You can walk around confused, and bewildered, or be like the youngster who spins down the driveway on his one speed, while the band plays on

How is it that the sunlight, just so, reveals the dust that has been gathering from the bike running down the driveway, while the band plays on

We find the cleaner, and cloths, to get rid of the dust, putting aside the writing which wasn't going as fast as the single speed wheels, while the band plays on

If there is a cure for an illness, why won't folks take it? If there is a treatment that helps an illness, it can be like a single speed cycle, while the band plays on

Is nonsense the lack of sense, or a component of sense, that you can build on, like Lego blocks, or shifting gears on a ten speed bike while the band plays on

Heard someone reveal it took them until they were in college to find out that there were poets that were indeed alive, and writing today, while the band plays on


There are pairs of things, think about it, that'll give you pause, cause you to do a double take, check it out, where, why, while the band plays on

As we grow older each day, some wisdom may reveal itself to us, releasing us from instant satisfaction, bestowing us patience, while the band plays on

Writing works when you can read and follow what I am attempting to convey, head nods, uh huh, provides feedback, gears shift cleanly, while the band plays on

"Intuitions come first, strategic reasoning second", we need an emotional approach to bring others to a review of facts, while the band plays on

Addressing the elephant in the room is good, reason rides the beast, whether shifting gears, or kicking up dust, while the band plays on

The hard ribcage protects the pumping heart, sending oxygenated blood throughout, letting us clean, ride, or double take while the band plays on

So Sherlock, you know positioning is key for the line of sight in a quartet, the eyes do a lot of communication, keeping the rhythm, shifting the gears, while the band plays on

Quote comes from "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion" by Haidt, Jonathan

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