Sunday, April 16, 2023

If we believe


Through the door
the window
walk or fly 
nothing possible
until you believe 

Mother child
mother daughter
frames this life
until you believe 

The athlete
practices long
hard or not
will not succeed 
until they believe 

House cleaning advice
let your spouse
keep the memories
until you believe

Two sides of the one coin
Two faces of one coin
Flipped still solid
Until you believe 

How do you 
tell someone 
about your dream
find the words
until they believe 


I'm no stranger
to mystery
listening intently
until you believe

One step, one stride 
lengthens miles 
or trials, on a mission
until you believe

All around
every death
brings new life
gentle reminders 
until you believe 

Hearing deficit
Is separate 
From listening
until you believe 

Since oil is king
And change is hard
Our kids have 
no future
unless we believe 

Religion won't
Government can't
change for better
may happen
If we believe 

My full response to the "Believe" poem Jamele Adams read at the poetry workshop Apr 8, 2023. I shared part 1 of my response here  previously

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