Sunday, July 28, 2013

really hot

Fresh brewed coffee is poured
And then heated in the microwave
She always likes it really hot

Climate change or not
July is really summertime
And it should be hot

The sudden withdrawal of
Her hand once realizing
That the surface was really hot

His vest was soaked through
From dancing as the band was good
And the ballroom was really hot

Water drawn deep from the well
So cold it took time for the body
To adjust it was really hot

Standing at the sink washing dishes
I was soon as wet as they
It was really hot

Saturday, July 27, 2013

this too shall pass

Leaf shadows paint the moss
Kaleidoscope of green
This too shall pass

Missing the curb she fell
Bruising her knee and palm
This too shall pass

Family day and meals planned
Around the child centered schedule
This too shall pass

Limbs on several trees bent oddly
What caused the that change years ago
This too shall pass

Ratchet set on the nut
Vise gripes on the bolt
This too shall pass

Wisps of smoke from
Fire circle embers between meals
This too shall pass

Friday, July 26, 2013

Twenty questions

One thing I know to be true
Before cleaning the floor it is
Better to complete dusting the table

How many food courses will be
Served determines the need for
Silverware when setting the table

Her twenty questions were expected
The best poker hand was no match
When Helene was holding the table

It was hard to be patient when
He wanted desert before the
Dinner dishes had cleared the table

Don’t kick, be gentle, get
Help, many hands make
Light work folding the table

Sadness hangs like wet laundry
In the living room where there
Would be conversation leaving the table

For Helene D Geoffroy

Thursday, July 25, 2013

all is good

Darkness creeps away as dawn’s
Light arrives, the birds start
Their song, all is good

The story he wove kept me
Turning the pages, art, health
Suspense, twists, all is good

Turning the faucet to let the
Water run gets it deep
From the well, all is good

In his eagerness, he put the ring on
Before saying his lines
He turned grinning, all is good

The two year old learns that joy
Can come from the sprinkler
She turns grinning, all is good

I don’t know what it will be
Like when my time comes but
I also will turn grinning, all is good

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A good experience

This new form is longer
Each section can stand alone
Recreating a good experience

There is a call and response from the
Frog colony by the water side while
Fireflies blink creating a good experience

Pete the Cat started with one
Story about his new shoes
Changing colors for a good experience

I found myself crawled forward
Off the sleeping mats in my
Dreams looking for a good experience

Penn’s Creek runs high covering
Most of the rocks, little white
Water sounds like a good experience

The joy of the puppy in rabbit chase
Later straining on his leash
He pointed to a good experience

Composed while off the grid in Weikert, PA